History & Background

Lohana Academy was established in 1995 under the leadership of Mr. Joseph Almeida to offer quality education. The school is well situated with all the social amenities to cater to the well being of students for their learning purpose.

At Lohana Academy, good behaviour is a mandate for every student for effective learning to take place. The emphasis in the school is to praise positive behaviour, attitude and effort and to increase children’s awareness of the need to make a significant contribution to their community.

When it comes to responsibility, every one has a part to play right from the children, parents, teachers and support staff.

You have probably seen other schools, now come and see the best at Lohana where the health and welfare of your child is our first priority. We will always contact you if there be any concerns.

Our Vision & Objectives

We value every ones contribution for the well being of the school and the community. Our vision is based on the following

  • All students are happy and well maintained
  • Students will be challenged and achieve high standards through a relevant and enriched curriculum
  • All members of the school community have equal access to learning opportunities and enjoy growing and learning together.


  • Contribution from all members of the community will be valued and reorganized.
  • Challenge – we aim to promote challenge through high expectations of learning and behaviour
  • Creativity is a strong focus! The school will be a bright attractive, stimulating place to learn.
  • Community - we value parents as our partners in education and will involve them, and the wider community, in the life of the school.
  • Caring – children will be happy and secure and their achievements will be celebrated and valued by all.
  • Consistency – the school will grow and change but we will remain true to our mission.
  • Communication – we realize the importance of efficient and effective communication.


Administrative support is a key resource for better performance in a school. At Lohana Academy, our administration is headed by the school Principal and supported by teachers and support stuff.

At Lohana Academy, we strive to create an atmosphere in which pupil’s self esteem is nurtured. Every person has a role to play right from the parent, teacher, pupil to the support staff.

Within a school family, some rules are essential for the safety of children.Basing on this, the administration at Lohana Academy has rules that guide every individual in their respective capacities. When duty calls, every ones contribution matters and is highly valued. Our teachers are qualified and provide the best quality of education and care at all times.

The emphasis in the school is to praise positive behaviour, attitude and effort to increase children’s awareness, of the need to make a positive contribution to their community.